How to report a 新型冠状病毒肺炎 case

If you have a case to report, please contact the school on 0. Outside school hours, our 新型冠状病毒肺炎 reporting number is: 07904 235152.

请注意:语音信箱, 电子邮件或学校门户信息只能用于确认家长和员工之间对话的细节.

Please report immediately:

  • any child with symptoms
  • any tests taken by your child or others in your household
  • 任何测试结果 

Your child should stay off school:

  • if your child display symptoms
  • if anyone in the household displays symptoms
  • while awaiting a test result
  • if there is a positive a test result in your household
  • 如果他们与任何检测呈阳性的人有过密切接触
  • if they have been advised to self-isolate

Please help us reduce the risk for all by:


  • 自我隔离意味着你的孩子必须在上学周和周末都呆在家里. 
  • 在这段自我隔离期间,他们不应该参加任何活动,如体育运动,也不应该与家里以外的任何人接触. 
  • 在送家里其他孩子上学时,你的孩子也应该呆在家里.
  • Your child must stay at home for 10 days. 这是因为患者可能需要几天的时间才会出现症状, or the virus can be detected. 
  • If a child has been identified as a contact, 一个阴性的测试结果并不意味着他们可以提前返回学校.

注意:虽然整个家庭不需要自我隔离,除非你的孩子自己出现症状, you may wish to take extra care during this period, especially to minimise contact you have with older relatives.




Safe Return Rational and Measures

(2020年8月出版. Updated 2 September 2020.)


  • To act in accordance with, and in the spirit of, the guidance
  • To support social distance, minimise pupil and staff movement
  • To minimise contact between pupils and between staff
  • To facilitate in-depth and catch-up learning
  • 在可能的情况下,要准备好切换到计划好的日常活动和时间表


  • 在大流行期间, 学校已向所有弱势学生和关键员工的子女开放
  • Face-to-face learning in school has been socially distanced
  • Online work has been set for all pupils
  • Online assessment has taken place
  • Online challenges and competitions have been set
  • 每天都给已确认身份的学生和弱势学生打电话
  • 澳门皇冠手机版app联系了没有参与在线学习的学生
  • 过渡 work was done online, 在小群体, 与导师, interactively for Year 6 pupils joining MHS
  • Face to face Y10 work was switched online, 在莱斯特封城后(2/7/20至学期末),使用微软团队进行互动小组


  • Full risk assessment conducted
  • 风险评估 reviewed regularly
  • 学校周围所有的活动区域都被标记为保持社交距离
  • 整个学校的地板和楼梯上都标明了单向流动的箭头
  • One-way plan produced and distributed to staff and students
  • Hand sanitisers are available in all parts of the school
  • Social areas are zoned in order to separate year groups
  • 为了减少接触,在宽敞的区域提供员工饮料
  • Safety briefings are provided for staff
  • 每天对学校进行深度清洁,并有针对性地进行持续清洁
  • 所有的清洁工和工地团队都接受了重新培训,并被要求遵守新的服务标准
  • Clothes washed frequently with daily changes of clothes
  • 入口网站.  Separation of Brookside and MHS pupils
  • Bus separation of KS3 and KS4.  车上有消毒剂
  • All students must carry a face mask
  • 根据世卫组织和教育部对七年级以上学生的指导,必须佩戴口罩:
    • 当乘公共汽车旅行时,
    • during movements to and from break and lunch
    • on arrival to and departure from school,
    • 在公共区域(i.e. corridors, reception) and other spaces as directed by their teacher
  • 上课时建议戴口罩,但目前仍是可选的
  • If your child has a medical condition, 如哮喘, and wearing a mask is not comfortable they will be exempt. Please contact your House Manager to advise.PPE issued to all staff
  • 对易受伤害的工作人员和学习者进行了具体的风险评估
  • 为了加强员工的安全,每个教室前面都将保持两米的社交距离
  • “Catch it, kill it, bin it” practices installed around site
  • SLA with LCC Health, Safety & Wellbeing service in place (expert consultants)
  • 急救程序已经按照政府的指导方针进行了审查
  • 所有在学校内外创建的路线现在都是不可触摸的
  • 新型冠状病毒肺炎事件和危险报告包括全面审计跟踪和快速响应

Plan for return of all pupils in the Autumn Term:

  • The school will suspend tutorial time.  当跨年合作可能时,垂直辅导将恢复
  • Pupils from Year 7 and 11 will start on the first two days of the term 
  • 七年级学生将能够了解场地、布局以及食物和设施的位置
  • 第11年将获得额外的时间需要重新熟悉日常生活
  • Years 8, 9 and 10 will start on the third day
  • Food serving times at breaks and lunches will be staggered
  • 年级分组在休息和午餐时间,交错返回课程
  • Student movement between lessons will be eliminated
  • 学生 will not be required to move between classes
  • 教师和后勤人员将不需要在课堂之间移动
  • 没有必要使用更衣室,从而避免学生的近距离接触
  • 组装件将被送到教室,无需集体移动和组装
  • Seating plans minimise student movement and contact
  • Turn off school bells for the duration of the safety plan
  • Staggered end to the day:
    • 2:55pm,年7 will be dismissed and escorted to the school gates or bus
    • 下午3点,八年级和九年级 will be dismissed and escorted to the gates or bus
    • 下午3:05 10和11年级 will be dismissed and escorted to the gates or bus


  • The school operates a two-week, 50 period timetable. This will be suspended for at least 10 weeks
  • Each lesson of the two-week timetable will become a single day
  • 学校将暂停课程表,直到安全恢复正常活动
  • The 20 minute tutorial each morning will be suspended
  • 早上增加的20分钟可以延长休息时间,也可以为不同年级的学生提供食物
  • 午餐时间将按年级分组,食物供应时间错开(七年级需要更长的时间,所以他们会先上)
  • Lessons become whole days. 例如,周一第一阶段就变成了第一天,有长达5个小时的课程
  • Monday Period 2 will be the lesson for the Monday of the second week, Period 3 on Monday of week 3, 等.
  • The programme of 50 lessons takes place across 10 weeks
  • 如果大流行病需要,10周的方案将延长
  • 深入的和追赶的工作将进行一整天的个别课程
  • No learning time is lost
  • Staff will have a whole day at the point when the cycle hits PPA
  • 公民教育课程是有时间表的,因此这些课程将在这个周期内进行一整天
  • 公民教育日将为职业发展和人际关系发展提供机会
  • 除非经讨论同意,否则不需要兼职员工按不同的时间来上班
  • 发送学生可以撤回和支持额外的或集中的工作
  • SEND pupils will do work in the time freed up from tutorial work
  • 老师会在约定的时间陪同学生去吃午饭,按年级分组
  • 在午餐时间,老师们将有至少20分钟的休息时间, 助教, HMs和SLT
  • Validation of plans through the Excellence Group.  Sharing/comparing strategies
  • School start times remain the same.  Staggered end to the day. No requirement to alter bus times
  • The plan means that no further, 潜在的破坏性的, whole-school re-timetabling, 年中, 是必需的
  • Colleagues who are new to the school will be supported well by teams
  • 如有学生旷课,学校将会联络学生家长,以尽量减少学生的学习时间损失
  • 如果出现病毒病例,班级和工作人员可以更容易地隔离